C  O  N  T   E  N  T  S

                1. National Informatics Centre
                        2. Library & Information Services Division (Library)
                                            2.1. Layout
                                            2.2. Collection
                                            2.3. Computerization
                                            2.4. Users and Membership
                                            2.5. Users Responsibilities
                          3. Library Services
                                            3.1. Lending Services
                                  3.2. Inter Library Loan
                                            3.3. Photocopy Service
                                  3.4. On-Line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
                                            3.5. Reference Service And Assistance
                                  3.6. Cuurent Awareness Service & SDI
                                            3.7. NEWSNIC Service
                4. NIC Library Web Site
                                            4.1. Books Catalogue
                                  4.2. Articles Database
                                            4.3. Newsnic Service
                                  4.4. Journals/Internet Resources
                                            4.5. Datapro Reports
                                  4.6. Special Issues of Journals
                                            4.7. Journals Holdings Online


NIC was established during 1977 by the Government of India under the Electronics Commission, later referred as "Department of Electronics". During March 1988, NIC was transferred to the Planning Commission, Government of India. NIC is now functioning under the MINISTRY OF COMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. The main objective of NIC is to create computer awareness, developing and implementing computer based information systems for decision support. Later, NIC has established a nation-wide satellite based computer communication network, called as NICNET.


LIS Division, hereafter referred as "LIBRARY", is an internal division of NIC, created with objective to fulfill the information needs of staff/users. The library is managed by well qualified/skilled staff and has accumulated a good collection of books, journals, manuals, standards, etc in the field of Information Technology and allied subjects. The library is equipped with latest tools of information technology and provides a number of services to its users.


The library is housed in NIC HQ building (A-Block, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi) at 4th floor in two separate halls. The books, current issues of journals, manuals and, standards, etc are housed in hall NO..A4B4 while the bound volumes of journals are housed in hall NO.A4B1. The reading room facility is available where the books and current issues of journals are housed.


NIC library has a good collection of following types of documents, mainly in the field of information technology and allied subjects:

                IPAG collection = 5953

                NIC collection = 14000 (as on 2006)

                Bound Journals = 4000 (as on 2006)

                CDs = 300

                Manuals =  200

                Standards = 400

Books are arranged on the shelves according to classification number assigned by UDC (Universal Decemal Classification) scheme. The loose issues of current journals are displayed on display racks alphabetically by their titles. The bound volumes are also arranged alphabetically on the racks.


NIC library is a fully computerized library, used two different library automation software i.e. (a) LibSys from 1988 to 1997 and (b) Basis Plus/Techlib Plus from 1998 - 2004.Later during 2005, we started to use e-Grathalaya software for computerization of library activities.  Library has also been provided internet connectivity through local LAN and nation-wide NICNET. As a result of this, library provides a vide range of on-line services to its users. For the purpose of computerization, library has been provided well advanced systems in terms of hardware, software and connectivity.


As in most organizational library, NIC library membership is open to NIC staff only. However, temporary membership is also provided to trainees for short period. For obtaining library membership, a simple one page form is enough, it must be signed by respective HoD. No membership fee is charged from any user. A user can borrow five books at a time for the period of one month only.


# The library members are entitled to use the reading room facility, to consult reference collection and to borrow library documents as well as to use other library services.

# To avail the lending facility, the user is expected to present himself personally and must sign the registration form/user card/book card, etc.

# Members are expected to return /re-issue the borrowed documents within the specified period in good conditions. In case member does not return/re-issue  the document (s) within specified period, a fine of Rs.1/= per day / per document will be charged from the date documents become due for return. The borrower will not be allowed further to get issued any document until and unless the dues are cleared.

# Members must satisfy themselves about the physical conditions of the documents before borrowing them.

# From the time documents are issued to a member and until they are returned to library, the members shall be responsible for their proper maintenance.

# In the event of any damage or loss of documents, the member shall be required to replace the borrowed publications or to pay their replacement cost.

# The replacement cost of document would be current price of that book if it is available in the  market. For the out-of-print book, the replacement cost will be the cost mentioned in the   accession register plus binding charges, if any.

# The borrower is responsible for ensuring that he/she obtains the receipt for each document  returned to the library.

#The users are expected not to write upon, damage or mark any book/journal belongs to the library.

# Personal books/belongings will not be allowed inside the library, the same may be kept out side   the library hall.

# All personal belongings including library documents issued to a member will be checked at the library gate.

# The library users should obtain clearance certificate/no due certificate from the library before leave the centre. All employees of NIC who retire on super-annuation or resign from the service of the NIC must obtain "no due certificate" from the library.

# Users are expected not to take out any document from the library without proper entries at the issue counter.

# The readers shall not engage in audible conversation in the library hall, and shall not damage the library property / belongings.

# The Officer-in Charge, Library has the rights to revise or modify any of the library rules and guidelines  from time  to time. Special rules and regulations may be imposed at the time of stock verification of library.


NIC library offers a wide range of services such as lending of documents, reference, current awareness, inter library loan, SDI,  etc.


On becoming the registered library member, a user can avail the lending services in the following manner:-

# Only FIVE number of books or bound volumes of journals will be issued on request to the circulation counter.

# The issued documents can only be retained for a period of one  month only. However, if the documents required further, it may be re-issued for a further of one month.

# The loose issues of current journals will not be issued for more than one night. However, back issues (loose) of journals may be retained for one week only.

# CD-ROMs will not be issued with the books accompanied them . However, on special request,              CD-ROMs may be issued for one day only.


# The books / journals not available in NIC library may be received on inter library loan from other institute / library for 15 days only.

# This facility is also available to other institute/ library where they can get 2 number of documents only for a period of 15 days.

#To avail this service, users /libraries /institutes are expected to make request in writing with full bibliographic details of document (s) required.

# In case of other library/institute request for ILL from NIC library, postal charges, if any, shall be borne by the concerned library/institute.


# Users may get photocopy of article (s) from journals/books required for their projects.

# The request for photocopy must be given in a prescribed format (available from library) and must  be signed by OIC, Library.

# At present, photocopy service is available in a very limited way. Only potential request will be accepted for this service.


Library has installed / provided one computer terminal where any user can access & browse OPAC of NIC library database of books and journals. The OPAC provides full bibliographic details of documents, their location on shelf and, their state of availability. No printing is allowed from OPAC.


For information or assistance in the user of library and its services, the user may approach the reference desk/library staff. In case of specialized information or any difficulty in getting the assistance, the users may approach Officer in charge, Library.


NIC library provides Current Awareness and SDI services regularly. The library keeps the records of user-specific subject requirement (user profile) matched regularly with the incoming documents Profile and thus, SDI output is generated and passed on to the users. Besides, library generates a list of recent arrivals (books) as well as articles from current journals and supply these to the users . Now, the output file for both the services is posted to users by E-Mail. In case any difficulty in receiving the E-mailed CAS/SDI output, users may contact library at niclib[at]nic[dot]in.


NEWSNIC (NIC in News) service on world wide web was started on 1st November 1998 with the help of ‘Multimedia and Presentation Division’. This service covers NIC news items and other IT related news from twenty leading national dailies. The NIC news items / IT news items are scanned , converted to HTML format and made available / accessible on world wide web page. 


        Now, NIC Library is available on Web. This site is accessible to NICNET users only during working hour from Monday to Firday. Various services of Library are available through INTERNET. The main library web page links to the various pages/services/databases like:-

          a. BOOKS CATALOGUE
                    Here the user can search/browse the Full catalogue of Books available in NIC Library. At   present more than  21,000 books are available in the Library collection.   This shows the full bibliographic details along with the current status of the book.   (Free-text searching e-Granthalaya  Bibliographic Database)
                    Like Books catalogue here the user can search approximately 12,000  Articles indexed   from more than 300  journals being subscribed in the library. (Free-text searching Bibliographic Database developed in e-Granthalaya)
          c. NEWSNIC SERVICE (A News Clippings Service from Library, SQL Database published over WWW). This database is in SQL Server and daily updated where importnat news clippings are uploaded from 23 national  dailies. The database can be search over internet by NIC officials only.   The news items indexed are generally about       Information Technology developments.
          d. JOURNALS/INTERNET RESOURCES   (Journals related services from Library, by way of Internet). Here the user  can access the a number of pages related to Journals such as CURRENT JOURNALS; INTERNET RESOURCES;  CAS/SDI SERVICES; FREE FULL-TEXT  JOURNALS, etc.
          e. DATAPRO REPORTS (FULL-TEXT Database from M/s.Gartner Group, Inc. USA). This is a commercial database   available from M/s. Gartner Group, Inc; USA in the field of Information Technology. This provides more than 25000   state-of the Report in IT field. The reports are full-text and can be accessed by NIC Officials only.
             f.  SPECIAL ISSUES OF JOURNALS (1988-2002) :  This database has been desinged in SQL and   published over   Internet. The database provides special issues of journals available in the NIC library. So far, this includes special issues from 1988 onwards and can be searched by journal name, keywords, author name and title, etc.
            g. JOURNALS HOLDINGS: This database is in SQL and contains more than 6000 bound volumes of 700 journals. The   database can be searched journal-wise, accession number - wise.
Library & Information Services Division
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New Delhi-110 003 (INDIA)
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