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NIC Library Journals and Magazines

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Foreign Journals Online Journals Indian Journals
Electronic Government– An International Journal (Print + Online) Annals of the History of Computing, IEEE Annals of Library and Information Studies
Government Information Quarterly Journal (Print + Online) Biometrics Compendium, IEEE Business Tuday
Information Polity: An INT JR. Of Government and Democracy In Information Age (Print + Online) Biometrics, IET Competition Successs Review
Information Systems Management Circuits and Systems Magazine, IEEE Computer Sanchar Suchana (Hindi)
International Journal of Cloud Applications and Computing (Online) Circuits, Devices & Systems, IET Consumer Voice
International Journal of Information Security Cloud Computing, IEEE Digit
Library HI-Tech Cloud Computing, IEEE Transactions Economic and Political Weekly
Project Management Journal Communications and Networks, Journal Electronics for You
MIT Slon Management Review (Print + Online) Communications Magazine, IEEE Employment News
Transforming Government : People,Process and Policy Communications, China GIS India
Journal of Enterprise Architecture Communications, IET Human Capital (Print + Online)
Computational Intelligence Magazine, IEEE India Today (Hindi)
Computer India Today (English)
Computing in Science & Engineering Journal of Intellectual Property Rights
Engineering & Technology Journal of Rural Development
Engineering Management Journal Kadambini(Hindi)
Evolutionary Computation Kurukshetra (Hindi)
Information Security, IET Open Source For You
Intelligent Systems, IEEE Pratiyogita Darpan
Internet Computing, IEEE Reader’s Digest
Internet of Things Journal, IEEE Science Reporter
IT Professional Srels Journal Of Information Management
Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE Transactions Swamy News
Micro, IEEE Vigyan Pragati
Mobile Computing, IEEE Transactions Yojana (English)
MultiMedia, IEEE Yojana (Hindi)
Network, IEEE Data Quest
Networks, IET PC Quest
Pervasive Computing, IEEE Voice and Data
Potentials, IEEE Data Quest(PDF) for Online Access
Proceedings of the IEEE PC Quest(PDF) for Online Access
RFID Virtual Journal, IEEE Voice and Data(PDF) for Online Access
Security & Privacy, IEEE
Selected Areas in Communications, IEEE Journal
Software, IEEE
Software, IET
Spectrum, IEEE
Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, IEEE Transactions
Technology and Society Magazine, IEEE
Wireless Communications, IEEE
Wireless Sensor Systems, IET
Women in Engineering Magazine, IEEE